Black Coach

Griff and Em very kindly gave me a Vampire Counts Black Coach for my birthday! Thanks guys! It’s quite a nice piece and will easily get my VC force to 2000pts. Tempted to do a bit of light conversion…probably change the flames on the lamps and there definitely needs to be a Zombie or Skeleton hanging off the open back deck of the coach.

Still painting the Fortress towers. Have weathered their bases and drybrushed the trap-doors. Just have to paint the hinges and sort out some balsa doors.

Molded a single wooden shingle and cast it a few times in resin for the Coach House roof. Have started cutting up the casts to build the broken rooftop. The Coach House is creeping towards completion. Kind of appropriate now I have a Black Coach!

Wood Shingle Mold

Spent $299.95NZ this month on modelling stuff which is a bit over the top! Although $150 was Lotto winnings and $80 was a present to myself as October is my birthday month.

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