Mordheim Coach House

Finally abandoned the Mordheim Coach House after sufficiently finishing it. Here’s the front and back.

Mordheim Coach House front Mordheim Coach House back

Here’s the some detail shots. The barrels and cartwheel are both custom sculpts/casts by myself. The barrels are two of the same halves cast in plaster and the cartwheel is a very thin resin cast that is also glued back to back before painting. The wrought iron gate is naturally a resin cast from the Hirst Arts ‘graveyard’ mold.

Mordheim Coach House detail Mordheim Coach House detail Mordheim Coach House detail

This building was started way back in October 2003. I’m kinda ambivalent about the final result:

The good

  • As a terrain piece it’s great fun to play in and around during a Mordheim game.
  • The mixture of fieldstone and gothic molds styles works quite nicely.
  • I really like the balsa braces above the gothic level.
  • The balsa stairway worked out well in the end despite being a pain to glue together.

The bad

  • The paint job leaves something to be desired. The gothic level was meant to be a kind of sandstone shade and the green foam card levels look like a bit of a rush job (because they were).
  • The detail work is lacking. There’s no rubble around the base of the ruined side. The gothic level was meant to have balsa doors and shuttered windows and I still have a half complete wooden shingle roof to paint and glue to the roofline. You can see this roof in the background of a couple of the shots above.
  • While I like the balsa braces it’s just a pity I didn’t have any gargoyles while assembling them because they would have been a great detail to add. I do have some nice gargoyles now thanks to Freebooter Miniatures

I may still do a bit more work on this piece to really finish it off. I should build some ‘ruined archway’ terrain pieces that can be placed around the ruined side of the building for some extra cover.

Also started some preliminary tidying up of the Black Coach from Griff and Em prior to assembly.

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