Painted Fortress

Here is the painted fortress with some light weathering effects around the bases of the walls and windows. The tower top photo also shows the crude resin hinge set I threw together. Everything has been sealed with polyurethane wood varnish. The Banshee is just for scale…the castle isn’t haunted! I think the brown-stone scheme actually worked out pretty well. Still lacking some minor details…like a gate for the gate house and finishing the hoarding.

Painted Fortress Painted Fortress Tower Top Painted Fortress Staircase Painted Fortress Ramparts Painted Fortress Gateway

The whole castle is modular and fits together nicely into a Mordheim city wall as well. Although I still want to put together a set of three 60 degree fieldstone corner pieces. Molding them would allow me to build an equilateral triangle tower which would be useful for arranging the Mordheim city wall in a less linear way.

Mordheim City Wall Mordheim City Wall

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