Seal the Gates

Finally got around to constructing a simple removable gate for the fortress from balsa and foam card. Hope to have it painted by tomorrow night as Brent’s coming around for a siege game.

Perverted the first Brettonian knight to the Vampire Count’s cause. Head swapped him with the classic GW ‘open mouthed dead head’. Cut and filed a few Bretonnian Fleur-de-Lis off. Press molded a WH40k Imperial Guard tank insignia to get a nice small skull to texture stamp over the shields which appear on the horse’s barding. Also attacked the barding with a knife and drill bit to make it more tattered. Will paint them in the same scheme as my existing Grave Guard and hopefully they’ll blend in with the army.

Also broke out the partially painted Cadian Imperial Guard to see how much work it would take to put together a Cadian Kill Team.

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