Linka molds arrived

The Linka molds arrived on my doorstep yesterday – which is pretty good delivery time from mid-US to New Zealand considering the postal service usually goes bananas around this time of year.

I’m pleased to say the Linka molds are equal in quality to the Hirst Arts molds I’m used to. They’re considerably smaller (being HO scale) and are made from a much more rigid rubber product. However the quality of castings they turn out is superbly detailed given the scale – each brick is about 2mm across! They also seem to cast without any problems using Ultracal 30 and my usual ‘cd-cover’ method.

Linkaworld also get kudos for the packaging they arrived in. Each pair of molds was placed in a sturdy cardboard display box and then packed in the usual bubble envelope. It’s a small point but considering the distances involved I always appreciate it when goods I’ve ordered from overseas arrive unscathed. I’d have absolutely no qualms from ordering from Linkaworld again, once I secure some more spare cash.

So now it’s back to the usual casting, piling, cleaning, casting… cycle to get enough Linka pieces to make something interesting. I need to nab some Hornby Dublo pieces from my father-in-law in order to gauge scale etc.

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