Black Coach

The Black Coach Griff and Emily gave me last year is assembled. In turn I gave Griff a Trebuchet for his Brettonian forces – which will probably be used to smash the coach on the field of battle!

Black Coach Assembled

I took a few liberties with the coach as I didn’t like some of the detailing. I clipped off the static brazier flames and replaced them with plastic Chaos Space Marine top-knots for a more dynamic look. I didn’t bother installing the wierd ‘torso antennae’ on the roof because I thought it looked stupid. Instead I pinned on some Chaos Rhino trophy spikes which matches the Black Coach artwork in the Vampire Counts Army book. The whole Coach is pinned so it can be taken apart for painting but played on the table in the interim. I should at least prime it though.

Also reviewed the Lahmian Vampire and her Giant Spider ‘Nightmare’ mount. Repositioned and re-pinned the weaker legs to squeeze it onto two cavalry bases. These are also the three Black Knights I’ve assembled to date.

Black Knights

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