Pieces of FOW

Just ordered $100NZ worth of FOW models. That’s:

2 x 6pdr Portee
1 x White Scout Car
1 x Quad tractor (Resin x2)
1 x 17/25pdr gun (x2)
1 x Allied Stowage

That rounds outs the Towed Anti-Tank platoon and the portee Anti-Tank platoon…although I must rescue that first Portee from the meths bath it’s been in for a while! The Armored Car and Div Cav (3 Stuart ‘Honeys’) platoons are almost painted although I’m currently adding stowage. That just leaves bucket loads of Universal Carriers to purchase and paint, and the damned Infantry platoons who are continuing to elude me on the basing front. Also picked up the ‘Desert Rats’ rulebook over the weekend for $35. All these spare monies are coming from TradeMe sales.

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