The Gracewood Bandsaw

Ben kindly lent me a dusty old bandsaw he discovered lurking in his basement recently:


Fired it up last night and it seems to handle 3-5mm MDF no worries and would probably be good for 10mm plywood. Although I can see why you had trouble cutting decking timber with it Ben. Did the blade scrag or was it just really slow work? Anyhow you can cut a reasonably small arc with it but the blade width probably dictates the size of the arc. I assume you can get thinner blades Ben? Time to Google bandsaws!

I used it to cut a few more bases for the simple WH40k rock spires I’ve been throwing together:

WH40l rock spires

The painted ones were cut by hand with a hacksaw, unpainted were whipped out in 2 minutes with the bandsaw. It’ll be good for cutting some river/road sections as well.

Also spent so time re-re-organising the FOW Infantry HQ and first Infantry Platoon back onto their bases ready for painting. I need two more Infantry Platoons and some more 25pdrs to complete the force. Looks like I have some painting to do…

Unpainted FOW Infantry

The 2 Universal Carrier and 2 Stuart Honeys are also primed and based and ready for detail painting.

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