VC vs Chaos

+1 Zombie painted. Pathetic really, I must focus on painting this army up to 2000pts then I can go back to the Imperial Guard who have been languishing in their boxes for a year.

Played another 1500pts game of VC vs Chaos last night. A ‘Capture’ scenario I found fairly easy to win. I definitely have a handle on pinning down Frenzied Knights and Warriors with raised Zombies. It basically keeps most of hardest units in Brent’s army out of the game. I anticipate seeing some normal (non-Frenzied) Chaos Warriors arriving on the scene soon.

VC Maxim: Always give the 3+ to hit banner to the Black Knights because their WS is no better than a normal human’s. This is a no-brainer really!

VC Maxim: Always support the Black Coach. I knew this of course, alas it charged in before the Black Knights could offer full support last night and paid the price.

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