60 Degree Fieldstone molded

I finished the 60 degree fieldstone pieces and went out to the garage to mold them last night. To my chagrin I discovered there was less RTV left than I thought when planning the mold. No matter! I sliced and diced some left over set RTV and filled the bulk of the mold with little blue cubes before pouring in the fresh RTV.

FYI fresh RTV will bond very well to set RTV providing it’s clean, so it’s always worth keeping waste RTV around. I seal mine in a little freezer baggie to keep the dust off.

Fortunately the mix just managed to fill the rather large mold and it seems to have set well overnight. I peeled the mold off this morning and will try getting some castings done tonight. As I’ve used all my RTV up again I will have to resort to inverting each second layer of pieces after all.

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