Mordheim triangular tower complete

Finished the fieldstone triangular tower last night and varnished it. Here’s some shots of it placed in a Mordheim city wall (tap them for a larger view).

Mordheim triangular fieldstone tower Mordheim triangular fieldstone tower

The piece turned out quite nicely I think, despite some issues with stacking the custom triangular corner I created. Combined with my modular WHFB fortress it allows you to section off almost half of a 4′ x 4′ Mordheim table which could make for some interesting scenarios.

It seems that Resene have an online colour chart. If you’re interested here’s how the triangular tower – and the rest of the fortress were painted:

1) Spray based with an enamel semi-gloss black can just to seal everything.

2) Base painted with Resene’s ‘barista‘ which as you can imagine is a dark mocca/coffee brown colour. It’s a very earthy tone. Close to Games Workshop’s ‘scorched Brown’ but a little deeper once dry.

3) A robust wide-brush dry brush with Resene’s ‘root beer‘ which is an exact match to GW’s ‘Bestial Brown’.

4) A lighter dry brush with Resene’s ‘sand castle‘ which is a very light bleached sand.

I love the way paint companies ‘title’ their paints these days. Next, I really must finish the gothic church with tower I started over a year ago before embarking on any new terrain pieces.

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