Mordheim Canal Planning

I’ve started planning a three foot, three tile canal for Mordheim after I discovered that the fieldstone tiles I already have can easily be raised to an appropriate (Hirst Arts friendly) height with simple foam blocks. For example here’s a dry-fit canal staircase – you can see the edge of the foam block to the upper left:

Mordheim canal staircase

Of course a canal requires walls, something I didn’t want to build from individual Hirst Arts fieldstone pieces because it requires so much casting. So I sacrificed a few of my earlier 4″ high wall builder casts and tried scoring and breaking, as well as bandsawing them in half to get long pieces 2″ high. Alas set and dry Ultracal 30 is very hard to cut and break reliably and I have no Ultrasil to create any new molds with.

Desperation led me to build a ‘separator’ with a cut up CD jewel case cover and superglue. The separator places a thin rectangle in the middle of the poured and setting wall builder mold. Here’s a shot of a poured mold that’s had the separator removed once the Ultracal 30 starting ‘cooking’:

Separated Wall Builder

Fortunately this separator worked like a charm and I can create two 2″ high wall builder sections from each pour of the mold and it only takes 3 pours to provide enough wall builder sections for a single 1′ tile. Here’s a cast of the original wall builder mold, with a cast created with the separator in place, and the separator itself.

Separated Wall Builder

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