Swimming and Boating in Mordheim

Thanks to the Mordheim Yahoo Groups forum I’ve been directed to a couple of interesting rule sets for swimming and boating on the river Stir. There’s the basic Lustria swimming rules and a nice set of additional rules for boating from Ye Olde Curiosity Shope. They’ll both do nicely for any Mordheim gaming around the canal.

I’m still casting wall builder pieces for the canal and appear to be running a little low on Ultracal 30, so this might be the last large project for a while. I’m undecided if I should use resin, or just good old furniture varnish to represent the canal water. Might require a bit of minor experimentation with painting and varnishing to get a decent water effect – fortunately there’s a lot of decent water modelling articles on the web as well as numerous examples. There’s a particularly lovely WWII diaorama online magazine that I can’t find again curses.

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