Rackham figure

I am weak I admit it. Out of curiousity I just ordered this figure because I think with the right paint job he’ll make a fantastic General for my WHFB force. Check out the detailing on the back of the cloak. A steal at $17.51NZ with free shipping from wargames.co.nz!

The latest Black Gobbo from Games Workshop US contains an interesting 40k scenario played on some lovely WHFB terrain. The WHFB buildings are top-notch and contain some interesting modelling details that I feel I’ll have to ‘borrow’.

I’ve used up my 20kg bag of Ultracal 30 casting the last half height wall builder pieces for the Mordheim canal – fortunately there was just enough plaster left. I should be able to finish the basic canal walls tonight. I’m still dry fitting pieces to build a decent removeable bridge over the central tile. Next comes detailing and painting. I should cast up some resin ‘rubbish’ to throw in the canal. Barrel halves, leaking dingies and the like.

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