Mordheim Canal Progress

Mordheim Canal WIP I’ve almost finished gluing in the basic canal walls. Here’s a long shot of the three 1′ square mdf tiles. It’s going to be a pretty wide canal once I’ve finished, however I intend on adding a few jetties and rotting moorings along the way which will narrow it. The middle tile will also have a bridge. I want the bridge to be removable, but will build the pontoons in place. The idea here is to get a kind of ‘ruined’ bridge feeling and allow players to optionally sling wooden walkways across the pontoons. Oh and that’s the beginning of a balsa/foam card ship hull sitting in the middle of the canal for scale.

Mordheim Canal WIP Here’s the middle tile with the beginnings of the pontoons in place. I’m still busy dry fitting various combinations of fieldstone as the best looking pontoon design continues to elude me…

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