Mordheim Canal Bridge

Mordheim Canal Bridge Making slow progress on the Mordheim Canal. The ‘water’ stairway tiles are both assembled and primed. I’ve finally settled on a scheme for the central Bridge tile which you can see here. The stonework is dry-fitted at this point and I intend to assemble a balsa wood ‘drawbridge’ middle section that may or may not actually work. I also plan to fix the pontoons in place, but make the bridge replaceable with a ruined copy for more variety in scenarios. I’d also like to construct a solid wall to ‘seal off’ one end of the canal so the tile can be backed up against a normal raised floor tile – hopefully I’ve got enough cast pieces left for that.

Mordheim Canal Bridge The Rackham Dirz Biopist arrived last week as well, I just hadn’t got around to having a good look at the figure. In terms of the GW figures he’s in pretty good scale, although his proportions are a little closer to reality than GW’s figure lines. Here’s the bare figure compared to a standard GW Mordheim Necromancer. My apologies for the terrible photo quality. In terms of detail the figure is lovely work with nice flowing lines. Rackham definitely have a distinct style that involves a kind of ‘fluid organic’ feel to their figures…if that makes any sense!

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