60% Pirate, 40% Balsa

28mm Pirate Ship Did a little re-working of the 28mm Pirate ship for the Mordheim Canal last night. This was when I realised the plans have been reduced by about 60% by the printing process. To see this compare the plastic Rieklander on deck with the printed figures on the stencil. Presumably the paper Pirates are meant to be around 28mm themselves.

Still it doesn’t look too bad and I believe with a bit of light conversion and some deviation from the plans I can still salvage it. If you know your Pirate history you know the real Buccaneers often set out from Tortuga in small vessls and even dug-out canoes to capture considerably larger ships. Seems like a nice rationalisation for my screw up! The full size ship wouldn’t fit the Mordheim canal either so it’s probably for the best.

Mordheim Lift Bridge Up Mordheim Lift Bridge Down The Mordheim canal is also progressing. Construction is complete on all three tiles and I have also built a working balsa lift bridge. This bridge has undergone at least one round of bracing with extra struts and I suspect a few more carefully placed dress-maker’s pins wouldn’t hurt before I start painting it. The bridge is workable too, which these two photos show nicely. You can also see the removeable portion of the bridge in white plaster, against the black primed canal and bridge pontoons.

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