Water Feature

Water Feature This is a terrible shot of the in-progress water feature snapped with a cell-phone camera. It’s ready to be varnished and then have some floor polyurenthane applied to the water area. Naturally the actual piece looks better than this is real life. I’ll post a decent photo once it’s completed.

This piece actually involves a couple of new techniques I’ve gleaned from the web. First the entire terrain piece was sprayed black. I typically do this with Hirst Arts pieces but usually don’t bother with simple ‘gravel’ effects. However damned if it doesn’t make a difference! Everything I make will be primed black from now on. It includes some new ‘reed’ effects using Natolis and of course the painted, blended water.

I’m currently trying to find a photographic supplier in Auckland that can sell me some ‘natural’ light light-bulbs so I can improve my miniature photography as well.

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