Mordheim Table Progress

Mordheim Table Progress I played Mordheim last night with my Reiklanders against Brent’s evil Undead. We tried my jury-rigged modular table which consists of 12 x 1′ tiles supported by cut foam blocks which is rather stable after you place Hirst Arts buildings on top.

The photo shows how much work I’ve got to do on the table. I need to assemble another three tiles covered in paving, and then another three with a mixture of paving and dirt/rubble effect. The canal is also slowly progressing through various stages of drybrushing. However I’m still unsure if I want to do a full water effect across the canal or a partially dry look with some mud banks along the edges. We played it as a dry canal last night and although it didn’t feature largely in the game (my Reiklanders sprinted across the bridge) you could feel the potential gaming goodness emanating from it.

Mordheim Lift Bridge Construction A user on the Hirst Arts forum asked for a close up of the lift bridge to show the construction, so this photo shows the two parts of the bridge at different stages of painting. The black primed part is glued and pinned down to the Hirst Arts blocks and all the balsa pieces are pinned with short dress-makers pins and glued with DIY PVA.

Mordheim Painted Dinghy I’ve also thrown together a little lighting stage from a half-cube of white foam card to take 28mm snaps. Here’s a shot of the painted Dinghy from a previous post with a foolish Reiklander youngblood standing in it. Oh yes, and the Reiklanders won last night too!

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