Plastic Ogres

I picked up a box of the new GW Plastic Ogre ‘Bulls’ and split it with a couple of fellow gamers on the PitYak Studios forum. I intend to use my two Ogres for Mordheim, one as the Ogre Mercenary Hired Hand and the other as a more feral scenario monster Ogre.

The Ogre plastics have limited pose possibilities as their torso is modelled as a single, large piece of plastic. You could always cut them up but the most you could do is a bit of waist twisting with the ‘gut plates’ hiding the worst of the abuse. The rest of the kit is good though, with the usual high detail I’ve come to expect from Games Workshop’s rather expensive lines.

I’m not entirely sure I like the new Gnoblar race – imho the Goblin plastics have more modelling posibilities than these guys. However they do have a sort of ‘Brueghel‘ feeling to them and do look more pathetic than the aggressive Goblins – which nicely matches their back story.

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