Balsa Ship Detail

Balsa Ship Prow Detail I’ve finished detailing the balsa ship and I’ve just primed it black ready for drybrushing. Here’s a detail photo of the bow with plasticard ‘basketwork’. I used plasticard because hopefully it will prove more hard-wearing than cardboard. Attaching it to the balsa was a pain hence all the dress-maker’s pins. I think the bow still needs a figurehead, but I might scrap my original plans of trying to create a full 28mm figure to go there and aim for something a lot smaller – say a 15mm lady of some sort. That means I’ll have to sculpt her from scratch which will be a challenge.

Balsa Ship Prow Detail The stern windows are hand made from balsa and blister plastic for the glass. I used blister plastic to provide a flat smooth surface for paint some kind of glass effect over. I’m not entirely happy with the results, possibly the rear windows should have been ‘overhung’ like the side windows are. Ah well, I’ll keep that in mind if I ever create another ship like this!

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