Workspace This is just a couple of photos of my workspace for no particular reason (and people say blogs are self-indulgent). Currently my hobby occupies one half of a two car garage. It’s stinking hot in summer (acrylic paints dry very quickly) , cold in winter (good atmosphere for a game of Mordheim) and is occasionally occupied by a friend or relative’s car. However it does have lots of bench space, an old couch and a storage cupboard. I’ve also found the noggings are excellent shelf space, provided you don’t mind 4 inch wide shelves. They hold terrain painting supplies as well as various unfinished buildings. The whole area is usually a terrible mess. I suspect that’s because this hobby is a creative one and I scratch build a lot, or maybe I’m just a messy bugger.

Workspace Left My gaming table is an ex-chocolate factory steel and rimu table which is sturdy enough to hold any amount of weighty Hirst Arts based plaster terrain. It also doubles as a work-area as you can tell from this shot. Look carefully and you can spot the balsa ship, the various unfinished Mordheim canal pieces, a cardboard box packed with 2000pts of unpainted Vampire Counts and the Games Workshop paint station my wife purchased for me (in a successful attempt to stop my mess from spreading into the house). My toddler son absolutely loves getting into the garage these days. He stands on those empty 40L plastic pails to get up to table level. This morning I introduced him to the pleasure of sawing up balsa beams with a (blunt) Tamiya hobby saw.

Workspace Right He also enjoys re-organising my yoghurt containers of cast Hirst Arts blocks which occupy almost all of my other work bench. Between this bench and the cupboard I stack all my basic terrain building supplies. That’s 1mm, 2mm and 4mm balsa sheet, 3mm and 5mm MDF and lots of 5mm foam card (aka artist’s mounting board) scrap. The cupboard is reserved for dice, rulers, rulebooks, White Dwarves, completed terrain and painted figures. The painted portion of my 2000pts Imperial Guard force lives in those carboard filing boxes on top of the cupboard. It’s been a while since they’ve come down from there too.

Anyway, that’s my workspace.

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