Gaming on Mordheim Table

Undead Approach Bridge Undead Approach Bridge Undead Approach Bridge
The Mordheim table is seeing a lot of gaming recently…and every time I play on it my desire to finish the whole thing ratchets up another notch. Reiklanders versus Undead last night playing the ‘What’s Yours is Mine’ scenario by Pancreas Boy. There was a clash on the central bridge featuring discharging a blunderbuss, lots of ineffective archer fire and some evil magicks. The Reiklanders prevailed only because of some terrible dice rolling on the part of the Undead which was unusual because I’m a legend for crappy dice rolling! It’s always a bit demoralising though when the dice seem to be against you…

These shots were taken using a nice folding mini-tripod I picked up from TradeMe last week. The tripod makes it ridiculously easy to take non-blurry ‘eye level’ shots of the action – particularly beause my table is raised about 3′ on foam blocks.

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