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FOW Painted Vehicles There’s a contest brewing on the Pityak forums that involves a 6 months modelling project. This seems like the ideal opportunity to get my lazy FOW force onto their feet. The photo shows what I’ve painted already which is basically just vehicles and a few Universal Carrier crew members.

I’ve already planned my 1500pt list and purchased most of it what I have left to buy is:

  • 2 British Rifle Platoons. 2 x BR742, 2 x $28.
  • 1 Universal Carrier. 1 x BR210, 1 x $16 or 1 x BR212, 1 x $14.
  • 2 15cwt Trucks. 1 x BR432 (resin), 1 x $14.
  • 2 Quad gun tractors. 1 x BR277 (resin), 1 x $14.
  • 3 25-pdrs artillery pieces. 2 x BR574, 2 x $26.

FOW Painted Vehicles For a grand total of $150, spread over 6 months that’s $25 a month which is well within my budget. The tricky part is going to be assembling and painting this lot in 6 months! The major sticking point for me is painting and basing the infantry nicely.

The work I have to do over six months is:

Paint (in order of difficulty):

  • 1 White scout car and team.
  • 2 Stuart ‘Honey’ tanks.
  • 1 Armored car.
  • 4 Quad gun tractors.
  • 2 cwt Trucks.

Assemble and Paint (in order of difficulty):

  • 3 ENTIRE Rifle platoons. That’s 9 bases each of Infantry for 27 bases in total! This is the most daunting part of the project.
  • 3 25 pdr guns and teams.
  • 2 17/25 pdr guns and teams.
  • 3 6pdr Portrees and teams.
  • 2 Universal carriers.

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