First FOW Game

I played my first game of FOW against Aaron last night. It went very smoothly considering it’s a new game to all of us. Nate was acting as referee which saved a lot of leafing through rules – thanks Nate! He already seemed to have a good grasp of them is worrying.

I learned a few things about my NZ force:

Stuart ‘Honeys’ really are light tanks. I must remember to treat them as beefed up armored cars.

The Humber armored cars did well and I can see they’re ideal for close Infantry support (funny that)! Along with the Stuarts they chewed through a US platoon with their MGs.

17/25pdrs are absolutely devastating against armor and they should always be placed centrally for maximum psychological impact. I suspect they’ll be high priority targets from now on!

Portees are very brittle…which makes them tricky to use. Again they would seem to be good for close Infantry support.

All in all a good first game! I really should have pushed my Rifle platoon forward with the Stuarts and Humbers on the left flank – then I could have had that objective I reckon. The right flank was bogged down and would have got into an assault while the 17/25’s could have stopped the Shermans from crossing over to the left. Damn! Hind sight eh?

I think my poor bloody infantry is going to have a rough time when Nate’s Panzers turn up on the field. I forsee purchasing some gruntier tanks as a British support team for my NZers. Still a barrage of 25pdr guns might give those Germans something to think about.

I purchased another Rifle platoon blister from Vagabonds in town just before the game too. I couldn’t bear facing Aaron’s Yanks with cardboard scraps representing my second rifle platoon. Vagabonds have a great range of figures and games (GW, Battlefront etc.) and are handy as they’re in the Village multi-plex and open until 6pm every day. I think Historic Games might be losing my custom.

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