First FOW Infantry Base

First FOW Infantry base Finished my first base of FOW British/NZ Infantry last night. I think I’ve sorted out a decent ‘recipe’ for painting these Kiwis. Here it is in case I fail to complete this project and come back 2 years later wondering how the heck I’d painted half the army – which has happened in the past! All painted with Games Workshop colours.


  1. Selley’s Perma-fill mixed with sand and applied around glued down figures.
  2. Base and figures primed with GW’s Skull White spray.
  3. Bubonic Brown base coat.
  4. Bleached Bone drybrush.
  5. Skull White drybrush.
  6. Wash with 2:10 Wax/water dilute Flesh Wash (with a little India Ink to darken it)


  1. GW Scorched Brown base over primer.
  2. 50/50 Bestial Brown/Bronzed Flesh flesh tone.
  3. Desert Yellow helmet.
  4. Khaki uniform/gaiters
  5. Bleached bone pack and webbing (NZers used to scrub their webbing and it faded in the North African sun).
  6. Bronzed Flesh flesh highlighting.
  7. Chaos Black weapons.
  8. 50/50 Chaos Black/Chainmail drybrush on weapons.
  9. 50/50 Bleached Bone/Catachan Green for socks.
  10. Graveyard Earth rifle strap.
  11. 50/50 Bleached Bone/Desert Yellow highlight on helmet.

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