Supplies from TopMark

Spent $149NZ this afternoon at TopMark and picked up another 22.5kg pail of Ultracal 30, 550gms of Ultrasil RTV and 500gms of EasyCast Polyurethane Resin.

Once again I received excellent service and I really can’t recommend TopMark enough! They’re well informed about their products, provide material data sheets and have finished examples to examine – very handy when one doesn’t know the difference between a Shore D 75 resin and a Shore D 65 resin*. The nice lady serving me actually asked what I was planning to use the products for and didn’t seem surprised to learn I was a hobbyist and a tabletop wargamer (not something I like to admit to anybody). Evidently they cater to a lot of hobbyists and artists as well as professionals in SFX, marketing and advertising.

So now I have enough plaster to finish the Mordheim Table tiles. Once they’re done I want to put together some master molds for FOW terrain I can cast either in resin or plaster. I’d like a set of blast craters that can be used for ‘difficult ground’, some kind of 15mm sandbag rows for marking ‘dug in’ teams as well as making terrain and a set of modular molds to assemble North African buildings from. Crikey, I’d best start thinking about masters.

* Shore D is a measure of hardness. Shore D 65 is apparently a similar hardness to skateboard wheels which is fine for 28mm, 15mm resin casting.

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