June FOW Painting 2

Painted FOW Vehicles for June The Pityak Competition deadline is tomorrow midnight. I work Sundays so here’s what I’ve completed this month. I painted three vehicles – a Humber AC, a White Scout Car and a Stuart ‘Honey’ which differs a little from what I’d planned.

Painted FOW Infantry for June I also painted seven bases of Infantry (3 small, 4 large) which is actually two more than I planned to do. Not a bad effort considering I lost a week because we were out of the house. Imho the paint jobs aren’t that great, but they’re perfectly workable for the tabletop.

My purchase for July is a single $14.95 blister of two resin 15cwt Trucks for the 25pdr Artillery unit. These trucks transport the unit’s command and staff teams. In July I plan to paint at least 5 more Infantry bases which will complete the first Rifle Platoon and start the second. I might do a little modelling work to try and build a scene for the two HQ teams as well. Vehicle wise I’ll finish the third Stuart ‘Honey’, two 6pdr Portees and teams as well as finish a half painted 25pdr team I have. So my July will be:

Purchase: $14 = 1 x BR432 (15cwt Trucks) @ $14.
+$8 under budget.

Week 1

– 2 Infantry bases.
– 1 Stuart ‘Honey’ tank.

Week 2

– 1 6pdr Portee and team.
– 1 Infantry base.

Week 3

– 1 25pdr and team.
– 1 Infantry base.

Week 4

– 1 6pdr Portee and team
– 1 Infantry base.

Hmmm, once again that looks a little daunting.

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