15mm Sandbags

15mm Sandbags master I don’t seem to have accomplished much with my FOW forces this week- although I did get a game of WHFB in and spent some time with my lovely wife! One little experiment that is progressing is 15mm sandbag terrain. Here’s the simple green stuff master I created earlier in the week.

15mm Sandbags cast The sandbags are lightly textured using crosshatched finger prints – possibly the only time I’ve found fingerprints useful while sculpting with green stuff. At this point I intend to use them simply as ‘dug-in’ markers although I can see they could be used as part of a larger master for entrenchments and general 15mm terrain. I’ve cast some in Easycast two part resin from TopMark. The next step is to try painting a few up and see how they look!

They paint up very nicely…but I’ve just realised they’re just a little too small for the figures. I believe I’ll re-sculpt them this week with some additional detail in the form of empty ammo boxes etc. and 4-5mm of earth embankment.

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