Nuplex and FoW Air Support

Dustan from the PitYak forums has pointed out that NuPlex in Auckland supply clear casting encapsulating resin of several types. They sell to the public and I’ve rung and emailed them to get some prices. If they fail to respond I may just take my young son for a little drive on Friday morning!

Played a 1200pt game of Flames of War against Aaron last night. We both had air support (his was limited, mine was sporadic) and due to poor rolling on both our parts, all the air support that arrived did the most damage to the home side!

Aaron’s yanks suffered the loss of one Sherman and several Infantry teams to friendly fire and the lone RAF plane that arrived in the closing stages of the battle ‘successfully’ destroyed two Stuart ‘Honey’ light tanks with a well placed bomb. The irony is that anti-aircraft fire isn’t permitted against your own planes of course…

In conclusion I don’t think I shall bother wasting any more points on air support in the future! The rules make it simply too random to be of any real use.

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