High Density Foam

Picked up two 260 x 60 x 3cm sheets of high density foam from Forman Group out in Mt Wellington yesterday for a total of $50. The gentleman that served me told me they get a lot of modellers and hobbyists buying small runs of the extruded polystyrene product. So obviously they’re happy to sell small cash lots out of the Trade and Retail store there.

This blue foam will form the basis of a 4′ x 6′ modular North African Flames of War table – which is why I only went for the 30mm thickness. That is easily thick enough to represent 15mm trenches and other terrain features. However in the interim it’ll probably just lurk in the garage roof-space gathering dust while I try and finish the Mordhem table first.

The Mordheim table is actually making progress amoungst all this Flames of War painting. Two of the three tiles have had gravel detail applied and are in various stages of drybrushing. I really should post some more progress pictures!

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