July FOW Round Up

July FOW Painted Well, it’s the end of July and another month of painting Flames of War figures for the Pityak Midwinter Madness Competition has passed. Fortunately I’ve managed to get everything in this month’s plan painted despite various distractions. An amusing game of FOW last week really helped to inspire me.

July FOW 6pdr Portees I’m particularly happy with the way the 6pdr Portees turned out. Their guns are only pinned to the gun team bases and can be moved to/from the Portee trucks during game play. It was Aaron’s idea and seems like a nice way to represent the unit limbered/unlimbered.

July FOW Stuart Honeys Along with the various Infantry teams I painted I also finished the last Stuart ‘Honey’ tank to complete this light tank unit. I’ve found they’re great for ambushing and harassing enemy Infantry.

July FOW 25pdr Gun team Finally we have the first 25pdr gun team I’ve finished. I’m not entirely happy with it though as the base feels a little bare. In the future I may add some neighbourhood lichen on to represent North African thorny bushes.

In August I’m also planning to paint the following:

To complete the Portee anti-tank unit:

– 1 6pdr Portee and gun team.

More of the 25pdr Artillery unit:

– 25pdr Artillery command and staff bases.
– 1 Artillery observers base.
– 2 cwt Trucks.
– 2 Quad gun tractors.

More of the second Rifle platoon:

– 4 Infantry bases which will fill out the second rifle platoon.

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