FOW Entrenchments

Ok, so I’ve mastered up two 7cm length entrenchment walls. One side consists of a wooden trench wall put together from match sticks, the other side is a dirt bank made from builder’s putty and spackle. The bank and wooden wall is topped with a bunch of green stuff sandbags.

15mm Entrenchments Mold The masters look good and they molded nicely but they’re difficult to cast without some bubbles occuring, mainly around the sandbags. After some experimenting I discovered the easiest way to cast the sandbags is to pour a small amount of plaster into the mold and work a stiff brush through to get all the bubbles out of the sandbag details. It’s not too laborious and results in a pefect cast every time.

15mm Entrenchments Here’s a master, a cast and a half painted cast.

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