FOW Entrenchment Joiners

15mm Entrenchment Joiners Here is a work in progress shot of the 15mm Entrenchment ‘joiner’ pieces to go with the straight trench pieces below. From the top that’s a 90 degree joiner, two 45 degree concave and convex joiners and two simple ending pieces. All pieces have yet to have green stuff sandbags applied to them and they all need a little additional sanding and tidying up before I mold them early next week.

These pieces all form a 15mm Entrenchment set that can be used to represent trenches on a flat tabletop. The pieces are designed so that they can either make a one-sided embankment or breastwork, or a two-sided trench. Two 90 degree joiners fit together to form the capping end of a two sided trench that is wide enough to hold a large Flames of War Infantry base.

I also intend to use them to build sunken trenches in a 15mm North African table I hope to put together in 2006. Here I’ll sink the plaster pieces into foam and use more spackle to backfill the gap between the embankment and the foam surface. Naturally I’ll leave the trench side untouched.

I also intend to cast a large number of these pieces and see if I can generate some additional modelling revenue by selling sets on TradeMe or on this website.

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