Casting Trenches

Well, I’ve mastered casting the 15mm trench molds with minimal bubbles. I’m using various techniques that reduce my reject rate to around 1 piece in 10 which is fine. After a brief discussion with Aaron over a game of FoW I’ve decided not to re-master the angle pieces and instead have to finish two more simple straight joiners and mold them up this week.

I’ve also planned out the kit I’m going to try selling on TradeMe – it’ll contain enough pieces to make:

  • An 8″ straight two-sided trench AND a large gun emplacement.
  • OR an 8″ two-sided trench with a central 45 degree bend AND a smaller gun emplacement.
  • OR a 16″ straight one-sided breastwork.
  • OR a 16″ one-sided breastwork with a central 45 degree bend.

Buyers will also be able to combine multiple kits to make arbitrarily long runs of trenchworks. This is what I intend to use the pieces for myself – a large 1200 x 600mm piece of terrain with a set of fixed trenchworks set in textured insulation foam.

Pricing is yet to be determined and it depends if I can generate any interest on the TradeMe auction site. I’d like to sell the kit for at least $20NZ…preferably $25NZ. If I can’t get these prices I may split the larger kit into smaller multiple kits, or simply use all the pieces I’ve already cast for myself and my friends!

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