Trench Kits for Sale

15mm Trenches I put together this little terrain ‘mock up’ with some grass matt, flock and the cast and painted trench pieces. Unfortunately I had to use my North African New Zealand figures and their sand bases don’t quite match the rolling grassy plain and dark earth embankments. However the overall effect shows off the trench pieces very nicely imho.

Behind 15mm Trenches I’ve also started a couple of auctions on TradeMe under my ‘stuart.nicholso’ account to try finding a reasonable price for these kits. I’ve cast enough pieces for a handful of kits and if they don’t sell I’ll use them for my own terrain. They’ll look superb in a fixed terrain piece because a bit of extra Pollyfilla will cover the embankment seams.

15mm Straight Trench Kit I’m also considering creating some kind of textured base that can be used to fill the trench. Although it’s hard to see how that could be done given the trench supports are randomly spaced. Possibly some kind of thin resin piece that could be cut at the appropriate points. The actual trench floor should be a mixture of gravel, dirt and flat timber ‘walkways’.

15mm Angled Trench Kit All in all not a bad effort for a month’s modelling, although of course it means I’ve completely missed the deadline for this month’s painting in the Pityak competition. Ah well at least I enjoyed myself and I’m certainly keen to create some more 15mm terrain. Dry stone walls and wooden gates next I think…

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