North African Tables

Modular table So I’ve got myself three sheets of 1200 x 600 x 12mm MDF and two huge sheets of DOW blue insulation foam and am scrabbling around the web looking for North African table inspiration. There’s some pretty nice stuff out there and the Flames of War forum is a great place to start.

This modular table design is definitely worth emulating imho as it’s a nice blend of glued terrain and open spaces for moveable details.

I also re-discovered a site I’d been to in the past that details various interesting techniques for 15mm scale terrain. In particular I thought the creator’s idea of cast rubble piles is definitely worth using.

Final I stumbled across another very nice Brecourt table on Kim Allman’s site that includes a lot of custom made trench works. This ties in nicely with another site that details the assault of Brecourt Manor led by Lt. Richard Winters and re-created in the Band of Brothers mini-series.

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