Mordheim Canal Progress

Mordheim Canal Painted My Mordheim table is so close to completion I feel it’s time to spend a couple of weeks of modelling effort and finish it off. I’m also motivated by the Mordheim campaign we’ve started recently and the amount of play the table is seeing. In order to complete it I need to do the following:

  1. Finish modelling and painting the canal section. I painted the canal water effect last night on two of the tiles and spray varnished them this morning. Once they’re dry I’ll be applying a coat of polyurethane floor varnish to finish the water effect. Then they’re essentially complete…although I may add some additional plastic details in the future.
  2. Finish the bridge section of the canal. This has a little more work to do as I’ve still got to build up the canal banks and apply gravel and detailing before painting it.
  3. Finish three more flat tiles which I plan to make ‘half ruined’. I’ve started constructing two of these tiles already.
  4. Build at least one low wall terrain piece that I can use to block ends of the canal. This will be handy for truncating the canal so it doesn’t have to dominate every game of Mordheim we play on the table.
  5. Take some decent photos of the completed table!

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