Pityak Contest Ended

Flames of War 1500pts of NZers Well, all four remaining contestants in the Pityak Midwinter Modelling Madness competition decided to end it half way through. Mainly because I think we’d all got a bit sick of furiously painting to a deadline and we didn’t get as much feedback from the audience as we’d hoped!

At any rate we all promised we’d post the progress we’d made so far. Here is my 1500pts Flames of War British/NZer force at the moment. It breaks down into painted versus half painted as follows:


  • 1 x Infantry Rifle platoon.
  • 3 x Humber II Armored cars.
  • 3 x Stuart ‘Honey’ unit.

Half painted:

  • 1 Rifle platoon has 3 half painted large Infantry bases to go.
  • 3 of 4 x 25pdrs and gun teams painted. 1 Obsvr White scout car painted. 2 Quad tractors painted. None of the staff or HQ painted.
  • 2 of 4 x 6pdr Portees and gun teams painted.
  • 1 Rifle platoon is mostly unpainted. Started painting HQ and support teams.
  • 2 x 17/25pdr ‘Pheasants’, gun teams and 2 Quad tractors to be painted.
  • CiC and SiC HQ teams half painted

I aim to complete this lot before Xmas and I believe that’s entirely feasible. The 6pdr Portees and 17/25 Pheasants may be painted by the end of October. Then it’s just the poor bloody Infantry and all the rather dull transports to finish off in November/December.

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