15mm Terrain Progress

It seems like I’ve been posting a lot of links lately and not too much of my own work, so here’s an update on the 15mm terrain I’m working on.

15mm Guard Tower The 15mm guard tower is coming along nicely and I’ve molded and cast the basic masters for each side. Here’s four sides ‘dry fitted’ together with blue tack. I’m going to add more detail with sandbagging around the outside before producing the final set I’ll be casting in resin. I also need to create a floor piece and a removeable canvas roof. The guard tower is approx. 2.5cm square which is large enough to hold a single small Flames of War Infantry base.

15mm Trench Floor I’ve also finally molded the rough wood floor for my 15mm Trench Kits. I’m casting this piece in resin as well because at most it’s around 3mm thick. I’ve also got to work up a 45 degree angled floor piece to complete the kit. As usual, the motivation to finally finish these pieces is because I need a set myself!

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