Cast 15mm Zeltbahn Tents

Cast 15mm Zeltbahn tents Here’s a crappy cellphone WIP shot of the 15mm Zeltbahn tents I’m creating. They look a little undersized next to those Brits but I suspect that’s simply because they’re not based while the figures are. The white tents are resin casts while the green tent is the master made from Green Stuff over a DIY epoxy putty core. I intend to add some additional detail by placing a German helmet over the central tent pole (as was commonly done in the field) and possibly sculpting some tent pegs at the corners if I can get them to cast without difficulty.

I’m reasonably happy with their look at the moment…although it does occur to me that I’m going to have to construct two or three more masters to have enough variety to group several tents together on a piece of terrain. I also still need at least one German staff tent.

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