15mm Guard Tower II

15mm Guard Tower I’ve finally got a 15mm guard tower up to the painting stage after casting resin parts from the three molds I’ve put together for this kit. This tower is about to be washed and spray primed black before I go to work on it. This photo shows it as ‘naked’ resin.

I’ve added sandbagging, a crude ladder and a corrugated iron roof. I had originally planned to sculpt a peaked canvas roof for the tower but a gaming friend suggested the iron roof instead and it looks fine – so thanks Aaron!

The sandbagging naturally goes all the way around the tower and while the ladder was fussy to put together from slivers of balsa wood the cast piece looks good and doesn’t even look out of scale to me. This tower was modelled from several historical photos of rather rough wooden towers with similarly crude ladders.

15mm Guard Tower The roofing iron is slightly angled so rain runs off it. It’s also removeable so you can place a small Infantry base inside the tower as shown in this photo.

I plan to cast several and paint one up before I make the kit available from our order pages shortly. At this point I’m unsure of the pricing because of the more costly resin involved but the good news is the cast pieces are so flat and light I might be able to get away with shipping them airmail world-wide in a document envelope.

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