Mordheim Canal Progress II

Mordheim Canal Varnished My modelling New Year’s resolution is to finish some of projects I started in 2005 (and earlier). A project that’s been nagging me for a while is the textured Mordheim table and canal that I started early 2004.

So over Christmas I put together another three Hirst Arts flat 1′ square tiles and textured, painted and varnished the three canal tiles. This means I can put together a texture 3′ x 4′ long Mordheim table with a central canal and bridge. I’m still working on two simple sewer entrance blocks that can be used to end the canal in the middle of the table, or replace the bridge with a single large 1′ tile.

Mordheim Canal Stairs Varnished The canal still needs a little work but looks pretty good imho. I’d like to do a lot more detailing, in particular triming down some of the chains from the Chaos Tank accessory sprue and placing them around the two canal stair sets. I also want to use some of the hooks from the same sprue and detail the mooring posts a little more. In my experience terrain projects are never finished…eventually I just tire of detailing them and move on.

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