FreeBooter Order Arrives

I placed this order on the 18th and it arrived in my mailbox on the 24th. Not too bad! That’s less than a week for airmail from Germany to New Zealand.

Here’s a photo taken at ‘head’ level for the figures and gives a good indication of scale. The raw metal figure is the Freebooter Miniatures Mercenary, on the left is a metal GW Necromancer for Mordheim and the figure on the right is constructed from the Empire plastic Militia regiment box. I used these figures because they’re human and both represent fairly small figures in the GW line as they’re both quite old sculpts. I’m assuming more recent figures will of course be slightly larger in GW’s fine tradition of scale creep.

The Freebooter figure is definitely taller, even accounting for his thicker metal base. However his head and hands are certainly similar in scale to the GW figures and I believe once painted he’ll blend nicely with my warband.

This three-quarter shot really just shows you the large, textured metal base that Freebooter supply. I think I’ll discard this and place him on a standard plastic base. His child companion (a son or apprentice maybe) will probably get his own base because he’d be a useful separate figure for Mordheim scenarios.

Having held my first FreeBooter miniature I suspect I’ll be ordering more in the future! I believe they’re certainly compatible to GW’s ’28mm’ (a more accurate description would be 30mm ‘heroic’) scale figures and they’re just lovely figures to own.

FreeBooter work is always very well sculpted. The other bits and pieces I ordered are fantastic and I’m particularly impressed by the absolutely minute and detailed skulls, skeletons and bones that appear on the ‘Battlefield Bases’ metal pieces. They’d be great for special characters and hero figure bases.

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