Warhammer Plastic Giant Sprues

Warhammer Plastic Giant

The new Warhammer Plastic Giant is released soon and I’ve got to say it looks pretty good and I may have to pick one up depending on the price. My only concern is the slightly odd looking belly on the beast…but that could be fixed up with some green stuff, or maybe a few carefully painted wode tattoos.

The Ogre Stronghold forums have a thread that contains some photos of the actual sprues which I’ll reproduce here. As always click the image for a larger view.

Warhammer Pastic Giant Sprue The sprues look very interesting, I love the plastic running peasant that appears on the first sprue and in the photo above (the same model that graces the front of the latest White Dwarf I suspect). I’d really like that guy for my Mordheim games.

Separate plastic arrows are also great fun for modellers and there’s no less that twelve of them on this sprue.

Warhammer Plastic Giant Sprue But it’s this second sprue that really catches my eye. Look at all the great stuff on here! You’ve got a complete gibbet with victim, a barrel, a two part dead cow, a dead pig (I think), what looks like a three part dragon skull, a couple of tiny birds, various shields and two of the always useful plastic banner pieces.

This sprue is a veritable cornucopia of useful plastic bits! It seems a shame to use them all on one Giant…the gibbet alone would make for a great terrain piece.

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