Poll Roundup: Favourite Game?

The results from our previous ‘Favourite Tabletop Game’ poll are interesting.

First we have the games I originally listed in the poll. I suspect most of our visitors are Games Workshop gamers, because this site is heavily dedicated to Mordheim. Although it’s nice to see we have about the same number of Flames of War visitors too.

Several visitors expanded the poll by adding the following entries, including many games I’ve not heard of. First are those that got multiple votes:

  • Stargrunt, 4 votes. This seems to be a sci-fi skirmish game. Although I can’t find official rules for sale, is it out of print? Any of our readers care to enlighten me?
  • Warzone, 4 votes. Boardgame Geek has a couple of listings for ‘Warzone’ although they all appear to relate to the same game family – Warzone, ‘Universe Under Siege’. Its sounds suspiciously like a Warhammer 40k clone to me and seems to have no online resources, once again readers please feel free to enlighten me!
  • Warmaster, 3 votes. Another Games Workshop Specialist Game, although I’ve never played it the idea of massed Fantasy battles with 10mm figures has a certain appeal.
  • WH Ancient Battles, 2 votes. I was surprised to learn that Games Workshop also have a line of ‘ancients’ rules.
  • Heroclix, 2 votes. A WizKids Games err game. Games with pre-painted collectable figures fall into the same realm as collectable card games imho and they’ve never really interested me that much.
  • Wargods of Aegyptus, 2 votes. I’ve seen this game is the past, mainly because of the interesting fantasy Egyptian miniatures they have. Any GW Tomb Kings player should definitely check their miniatures out!
  • WarMachine, 2 votes. This is a very slick looking skirmish game that has sorely tempted me in the past. Something about the combination of steam driven killer robots and magic ‘warcasters’ just appeals. Plus I’ve also heard the rules make for some interesting tactical play. Nice miniatures too!

Finally here are the single vote games.

  • Railway Wars, 1 vote. I have no idea what this game is…although I do recall seeing some alternate timeline Victoriana figures somewhere on the web. Alas I can’t find them now – can any reader enlighten me?
  • Urban War, 1 vote. Yet another sci-fi Skirmish game set in the Void 1.1 universe apparently.
  • Star Wars Miniatures, 1 vote. This game looks a lot like Wizards of the Coast’s answer to Heroclix and essentially seem to be a line of collectable, pre-painted plastic figures with rules so you’ve got something to do with them.

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