More Hirst Arts Molds

Well, I’ve just ordered another four molds from Hirst Arts so hopefully I’ll see them in a week or so. I picked up the following molds:

  • #203 Cracked Floor Tiles. Chris has this mold already and I’ve even done a ‘preview’ cast from it so I’m quite happy to pick up my own copy. It’ll be very handy for buildings and dungeon floors.
  • #250 Small Brick Mold. This mold has been on my wish list for years and finally made it into an order. I suspect I’ll mainly be using it for chimneys and fireplaces.
  • #42 Gothic Arena Accessories. At this point in time I have no real plans for these two gothic molds, but they’re just so packed with excellent looking detail pieces I had to pick them up.
  • #43 Gothic Panel Accessories. I suspect they’ll see use either in some City Fight/40k ruined gothic terrain or some vaults and sewers to slide under my Mordheim table.

Once again I can’t recommend Bruce Hirst’s products enough. They’re just so incredibly versatile and you can produce fantastic 28mm terrain with minimal effort once you’ve mastered high detail plaster casting.

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