Warhammer 40k – 4th Edition

My dusty Imperial Guard force have been languishing in the garage for almost exactly two years now. I think mainly because I found that 40k 3rd Edition is just a dull game to play with Guard.

However last night I played my first game of 4th Edition with them and I have to say it was great fun! As sceptical as I am of Games Workshop’s endless treadmill of new rule and army books I think they’ve actually done a good thing with 4th Edition 40k.

In my opinion the main changes for Imperial Guard are in the Rapid Fire weapon and Vehicles. Finally the tanks can move AND fire the big guns and sponson weapons are useful too. They actually feel like tanks rather than the static gun emplacements of 3rd Edition.

Rapid Fire weapons just get to fire more often in which is nice for pin cushioning your tougher opponents to death.

Hmmm might have to paint a few more IG to round out my force…

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