Freyberg’s War by Matthew Wright

I recently finished ‘Freyberg’s War‘ by New Zealand historian Matthew Wright. I found it an interesting and reasonably balanced view of Freyberg’s efforts leading the New Zealand 2nd Expeditionary Force during WWII.

Some local critics found it overly defensive in Freyberg’s favour but I thought the author provided good historic and anecdotal evidence in this biography.

Imho Freyberg surely couldn’t have been as incompetent as he has been portrayed in other modern works considering he led the NZ2EF for the entirety of WWII and earned the respect of his men and numerous friends and foes during the course of that war.

I also enjoyed ‘Desert Duel – New Zealand’s North African War, 1940-1943’ by the same author. The numerous black and white photos also make it a fine resource for the historic gamer.

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