Hirst Arts Cathedral…Should I?

Hirst Arts Cathedral This week I’ve seen two orders from Hirst Arts arrive in my mailbox, both with a 7 day delivery time from US to NZ which is superb.

So I now possess all the required molds to construct the monster Hirst Arts Cathedral. Today I also picked up a full 1.2m x 2.4m sheet of 3mm MDF from Onehunga ITM ($15.99) and an entire new 22kg bag of Ultracal 30 from TopMark ($53 for a pail refill). So I really have all the supplies req’d!

The million dollar question is do I have the gumption to complete such a monster project? I reckon this beast will take at least a year of solid effort to create at my normal modelling pace. So should I? Or not? Feel free to comment!

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